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Kindness Contagion

I promise to be kind to another person or creature, myself, or the planet every day, and to share the Kindness Contagion Pledge with my family, friends, colleagues and networks.

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Africa has released a KINDNESS CONTAGION
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Kindness Contagion aims to promote and amplify kindness as the world’s most important natural resource and most valuable human capital. To celebrate the variety and richness of Africa’s culture and tradition of kindness and to help bring it to the world. In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we brought together a group of top artists from across Africa to collaborate in producing the Kindness Contagion song and music video you see on this site.

Under the banner of #SpreadKindnessAfrica, this initiative celebrates people, organisations, networks, and companies, in Africa and around the world, who make it their practice to be kind to all creatures including themselves and the planet. We say kindness is inherent in all of us – and indeed, highly contagious.

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The Kindness Contagion project creates a platform for a diverse range of organisations, artists and partners to collaborate to a shared end of spreading a message of kindness as an African response to the COVID19 pandemic and driving a funding campaign to benefit artists affected by the pandemic. The views expressed and/or held by individual partner organisations do not necessarily reflect the official policy, position and/or opinion of the Human Innovation Project and the SA Creative Industries Incubator. 


I promise to be kind to another person or creature, myself, and/or the planet every day, and to share the Kindness Contation Pledge with my family, friends, colleagues, and networks.

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